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The Playful Doula

Helping families enjoy the wild ride through pregnancy, birth and beyond, in Penge, Beckenham and surrounding areas.

Hello, I am Jo, a doula based in South London. If you're here, I am guessing you're considering doula support - hurrah! It really is a great idea, stats prove it! Continuity of care matters in birth and postnatally, and depending on the services in your area, it's not always easy to come by.

I came to this work because I believe passionately in our ability to grow and birth our babies. Birth matters, it might be one day in your life, but it is a BIG day that stays with you. 


I want to help families have positive birth experiences, and that doesn't always mean fairy lights and candles, although I am down with that. It more often means being informed, feeling loved, supported, surrounded by positive, calm energy so that you feel in control and able to make the choices that are right for you and your baby.


Having completed my training with Zara de Candole of Developing Doulas in 2021 I still feel new to doula work, but I am 12 years into parenting my three children, and would love to bring my positive, encouraging energy to walk alongside you. As a mentored Doula, I provide the emotional and physical support you need and deserve, during pregnancy, birth and beyond, but with the added bonus of an experienced doula coaching me.

Whether you're thinking of antenatal, birth support, or a few hours help postnatally, I'd love to talk and see if I can help.


About Me

I have three children, all birthed at home, simply because I'd never been to hospital and wanted everyone to come to me (lazy!) and have the chance to enjoy a cup of tea in my own bed afterwards. I was given the confidence to take this path by my mum, sister and friends who had also stayed at home. My first two births were supported by St Thomas' homebirth team and my son with the Croydon Crocus Team. They were all big and 42 week babies, so I learned a lot about how to hold space to let them arrive in their own sweet time. But I also learned the value of continuity of care, of having a team who believed in me and who knew my preferences.

Why the playful doula? Because I get more out of life the more I put in, and for me that means staying active, trying new things, looking for the positives in life and generally bringing the good vibes. Pregnancy, birth and the early days with a baby can be exhausting; for me, finding the humour amidst the sleep deprivation and poop chat helped, and continues to. As does coffee!

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This is the way birthing should be - supported by strong, courageous women who understand.


What I Offer

These services can be combined or offered individually as needed. The best place to start is often an initial chat, so send me a message on 07919 172329 or drop me an email on the link below, and we can talk about where you are at and what support might look and feel like for you. If you have skills to swap, I love that kind of arrangement!

If you would like a doula who is honest, positive, big-hearted, committed and passionate, I may be the right doula for you. For me to share this space with you would be the greatest honour, but chemistry is an extremely important part of the doula-client relationship, so this meeting is an ideal opportunity to see whether we might be a good fit. I will take no offence if I'm not right for you! We can chat on the phone, over Zoom and face to face. Whatever works for you.

Postnatal Friday Power Ups

Postnatal is a wild time, and it's hard to say when it even ends! We are mothering and loving so hard, giving so much, but who is mothering us? We need a village, but the reality is we don't usually have one. If you feel in need of a Friday postnatal power up, I would love to help. 


This can look however you want it to. Have me bring you coffee, watch the baby while you shower/bath/sleep, prepare you dinner, talk, walk - I am happy to do light housework, but I'm no Mrs Hinch.


£100 for a Friday power up visit 10am - 2pm


Virtual Doula

Maybe you're not sure you want another birth partner at the birth, but you think you could do with someone on the end of the line to run questions by. Virtual doula is the answer.


I hadn't thought of offering this service until it happened by accident and I saw the immense value in it. 

We still do two 2 hour antenatal sessions in person, so that by the time you have your baby I know you and your wishes. Then when you come to your baby's birth day, I am set up to support you over the phone as you and your partner navigate the ride. I can signpost you to information, I can remind you of your intentions, I can offer some questions to ask. 

£800 (to cover x2 antenatal visits, support via what's app throughout your pregnancy and being virtually on call for the birth and in touch however best suits on the day - what's app, text or phone)

Birth Support

We will work together to prepare for and welcome this special new person into the world. 

This package includes physical, emotional and informational support:

  • 2 antenatal visits at your home (1-2 hours each), including preparation of a birth plan

  • Email and phone support during pregnancy

  • On call from 38 weeks until baby is born (or as agreed e.g. with twins)

  • Continuous support during labour and birth (at home, in hospital or virtually)

  • 1 post natal support visit (2 hours)

  • 2 freshly prepared, vegetarian or vegan meals and all important energy balls!

  • I am trained in Aromatherapy for Childbirth and can support you with essential oils and massage.


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Book a doula play date

Sometimes we hit a fork in the road in our pregnancy and want someone to be a sounding board. Maybe you are being offered things you aren't sure of, you want someone to remind you of your choices, to help you navigate the path that is unfolding.

Maybe you're curious about homebirth and want to ask all the questions to someone who has both birthed at home and supported home births.

Book a playdate! 1-2 hours in a park to talk. I will follow up with links and resources and am available for further questions over the phone. Cost £50

Jo is a very warm and kind-hearted spirit and I have never felt more comfortable with someone in such a short space of time than with her. This is especially important, as inviting someone into your home and with your most precious gift (your child), is not only intimate, but a very special experience to let someone be a part of.

Jo came in with such positive, happy vibes with her arms wide open.


Thanks for getting in touch! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Best wishes, Jo x

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